Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday madness

Three parties, three days...

We had a fun party with our home school group on Friday. A simple craft and cookie decorating left plenty of time for the kids to play and the Moms to chat. We had a great time and came home just in time to pack and hit the road for weekend parties out-of-town.

I find that I don't do well when we travel this many weekends in a row. This weekend was our third away. By the time we were half way to Alabama, I was ready to come home. It's a proven fact- I am a homebody. But we love our family, so we kept on going and were blessed for it. The parties were wonderful, and as always, we were glad we attended. (There was Josh's blood sugar nose-dive, Lydie's melt down (see bottom picture), and the spilled drink at the late-night Saturday party. All sure signs that the kids were beyond their breaking points. But all's well that ends well.)

Some time between one party and the next we saw Voyage of the Dawn Treader. We all agreed that it was a wonderful movie! If you love The Chronicles of Narnia, it's a must-see. I am so thankful for the memories...and so thankful that now I get to play host for a while.

Pajama/brunch with my parents and brother's family

My Aunt and Uncle's party

This weekend was our last time to travel for the holidays. We had two great family parties. Now we will be preparing to host a couple of things at our house this weekend. I can not wait to bake and wrap and enjoy the prep time! We might even get some snow!!


Anonymous said...


I so know how travelling hurts after a point. I am ready to wind down, and there are still another 10 days before Christmas. Kids sick on and off and it's enough to make any Mom buckle.... Hope you are well and next week we are OFF, if you want to book a day to visit with play and coffee. You can come crash here and I'll take care of you!!!:)


Renee said...

you are the sweetest friend ever. thank you for the offer. i just might be calling!