Monday, February 21, 2011

A peek at the kitchen progress and project #3

Our farmhouse kitchen when we saw it last:
The kitchen yesterday:

Now all it needs is the island, the schoolhouse pendant lights which will be hung when the island is in place, the furniture, the artwork, our junk, and us!
And lastly, project #3. More painted furniture. I found this little shelf in a walk-in closet in my Nana's house before it was sold. It was love at first sight. It was painted red/green back at our last house when the boys shared a camping-themed bedroom. I painted it the same antique white as the bedside table. Except this piece will be in Jack's room as his bedside table. It will hold his new lava lamp. :)
PS Try the new Behr premium paint. It has built in primer. The first coat covered all of the red and green, leaving obvious brush strokes. After the second coat there was no sign that it had ever been any color but white. This paint is expensive-$33 per can-but well worth the savings in time if you plan to paint a lot! Love it!

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