Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stats and projects

Here are the stats on the town where our farmhouse is:
Population: 388 (!)
Median household income: $24,692
Here are the stats for our current city:
Population: 67,562
Median household income: $40,645

It's a little terrifying, but also exciting at the same time to see the comparison. I am amazed at the differences-both positive and negative-that the size and income of a population can make. This community will be different in every way. It is one of my greatest hopes that we will be able to serve, love, and be loved for God's glory in this new, wonderful, and vastly different place! (And if you are a friend and these stats make you fearful for us, please remember a bigger town is just 20 minutes away. And the three biggest cities in Alabama are all around an hour away. And those three cities include the 3 places that we lived before moving to Georgia and many of our friends and all of our family are there!)

Back to the projects. Here's #5:
Framing a print for Lydie's room
I used some fabric from Hobby Lobby for the matte, and a frame that I found at the consignment store. I thought about painting the frame, but I decided to keep the light gold. Something about it feels cheerful and fun like the other things in her room. It will be just perfect above her new (used, but new to us) bed!
Print was from here for $22
Frame was $9.99, but I got it free because I had a credit at the store
Total: $22


Dawn said...

That is very cheery! I love the bright colors with the gold tone frame. What a makeover on your kitchen, well done!!

Bloom Where You Are Planted said...

Wow! Those stats could not be more extreeme!

I can picture the waves of emotions right now as you wave goodbye to so many dear friends and hello to family and an amazing new adventure. I'm praying for you as you transition...

LOVE your print and border, such happiness is captured there! :)