Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine party

It was a busy, fast-paced party and the thought never crossed my mind to grab the camera until after the party was over! Maybe my friends will send me some of their pictures! But here are a few of the house before we began:

The kids painted shirts using stencils and bubble wrap. The stencil options were hearts or a peace sign. I love the way the peace shirts turned out. I got this idea from Family Fun magazine several years ago and have been looking for the opportunity to use it! (In the magazine they used the bottom of a shoe to made wavy tread paint prints instead of circley bubble print like we did.) We also made Valentine cards and collected money for a gift card for Edie's family. And the kids ate goodies, exchanged Valentines, and played together (their favorite part, I think). I love hosting this group in our home. The Moms are so dear to me and the children are kind and well-mannered. They bless me. I think the day was a success!


Grace said...

All so cute! Where did you get that heart shaped dish?

Renee said...

The heart dish and red dish w/polka dots came from TJ Maxx Home Goods. I can't remember what I paid for them. I think the heart dish was 7.99, maybe?