Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving projects with the kids

The kids and I have had a blast in the kitchen today. We made a few things to take to Thanksgiving dinner at my in-laws. First, we made Thanksgiving ornaments from salt dough. I found this project here and decided to tackle it, even if it required sweeping, mopping, and extra laundry (flour-soaked clothing, dish towels, and dish rags). The kids really enjoyed making the turkeys. We have one for each family that will be at Thanksgiving dinner with us, plus one to keep at home. I am sure painting them tomorrow will be another fun time (with less mess, double plus!).

Then, we decided to make turkey cupcakes to take as well. My kids have not been completely convinced that pecan and pumpkin pie are "yummy", with the exception of my oldest son who will eat anything and love it. So we are taking our own little festive, kid-friendly, dessert. Lydie and I made these cupcakes. I saw the idea in a Family Fun magazine, I think. I couldn't find the recipe, but just went by memory. These were fun, but took a good bit of time, too. Back to squash casserole and apple pies tomorrow!
Happy thanksgiving! Hope your holiday is full of gratitude and celebration!

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Bloom Where You Are Planted said...

VERY cute!! Happy Thanksgiving!! And, happy birthday, sweet friend!