Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Camp Twinkle Toes

While the boys were away at Camp Stinky Feet, Lydie and I hosted my two nieces at our house. We had our first annual Camp Twinkle Toes. I was not prepared in the least as there have been countless things to do the last few weeks. But we managed to have a fun art project, swim a lot, go to Chuck E Cheese for a game night, and play lots of girly games(hair salon, dolls, etc.). Even though the dynamics of three very strong, female personalities presented some new challenges, I am thankful for the time with the girls. Despite the high levels of estrogen and all that comes with it, they are darling! Can I go to bed now for a few days??? (Let me answer that for myself, ummm, NO!) I love my new artwork in the kitchen for end of the day weariness.

I was almost thrilled to tears to see my boys today after 3 days away. They bring such a helpful, peaceful, easy mood to our house. I missed them terribly. Even after loads of fun and treats, there is nothing better than being all together at home. Andy was here waiting. He worked at home today so as not to miss their homecoming. As we were pulling into the neighborhood Jackson said, "I'm not gonna cry. But I feel like I could." My sentiments exactly.

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