Friday, August 13, 2010

Birthday cakes

The boys' party is this Saturday. We had some fun looking back at cakes from years past. They are amateurish and sloppy, but it's a family tradition to make them ourselves and we've had fun together. I have a mental list of things I want the kids to remember when they grow up. Hearing (and seeing) the gospel, music in our house, meals around the table, hosting friends, laughter, etc. And somewhere on that list feeling celebrated on their birthdays is a priority. Here are a few of our past cakes:


Indiana Jones


Mini-golf course


This year Jackson's favorite books were the Harry Potter series. Joshua has loved anything Mario. So Lydie and I took the boys' requests and got to baking Thursday afternoon.

Birthday cake baking with my baking partner!

*This spatula was put into the dishwasher after licking and not back into the bowl, friends!

I can't believe I am done with the birthday cakes this early! I have a full 24 hours until the party! Andy and I are usually up until midnight the night before. And usually around 10PM I send him to the store. (Like the year I didn't grease and flour the cake pans.) Good times.

Here are this year's cakes:
Harry Potter hats and wands
Mario and Luigi cake

I love the kids' birthday parties!

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Lora @ my blessed life said...

GREAT cakes!! We love homemade cakes/cupcakes at our house, too! And I am all-to-familiar with those late night runs to the store for ingredients:)) Awesome job being finished ahead of time~now you can enjoy the party!