Friday, August 20, 2010

Pre-K week 1

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My youngest child (Lydie) will be 4 next month. This week was her first week of Pre-K at home. We really had fun together. She is very eager, excited, and quick to learn. We are following Horizon's Pre-K workbooks for fundamental skills like writing, reading, numbers, letters, shapes, cutting, glueing, etc. And it is fun to watch Lydie make connections and learn.
After we work on the Horizons book, we follow the lessons in Before Five in a Row(BFIAR). I love it! It uses a book that you read every day for a week to teach skills and discuss concepts. Each day it also suggests various projects to do together. I like to add a few extra things of my own, as well. This week our book was Jesse Bear, Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?. Here are some of the activities we enjoyed together:
Lacing bears which lead to...

Lacing beads which lead to...
Using the string as a lasso and spending the morning in cowgirl world. Oh the joys of a preschooler!

Painting and a bear face made out of circles

Counting Teddy Grahams
Her own re-enactment of the book
Sorting, counting, writing with gummy bears. (Check out the 5. :) )

A tea party for her bears

Both Horizons and BFIAR take a total of an hour to an hour and a half a day, a relatively small amount of time, but so valuable and fun. I am so excited about our year together!


Katie said...

I found you at Preschool Corner. I love your photo story linking the lacing, beads, and lasso.

Carrie Thompson said...

I love your blog and having commented before I dont think, but I wondered if you could show us more of your art hanging pole... I havent see that "method" has peaked my interest!


LOVE the lacing beads to cowgirl-that is what My Emily would have done!

Renee said...

That art pole is simply a curtain rod with curtain clips! It works beautifully! Thanks for commenting!

Jolanthe said...

what fun!! :) love BFIAR.