Tuesday, August 31, 2010

14th anniversary

My sweetheart and I celebrated 14 years of marriage this past weekend. (Thank the Lord, because on Sunday morning I woke up with strep throat!) Our anniversary is actually today, but 8 years ago we gave away August 31st as a day to celebrate the birth of our second son! (More on his day later!) I could never express the joy it gives me to be married to Andy. He is incredibly patient, understanding, and giving. He adores us, but always, always seeks to follow Christ and lead us along in that direction. He and I are so completely the same in our convictions, and so completely opposite in personality and hobbies. It makes for a rich, challenging, exciting life together! We've had a whirlwind romance since I met him my very first weekend at college. His depth, integrity, and shyness were so intriguing to me. By Thanksgiving of our freshman year (just before my 18th birthday), he told me for the first time that he wanted me to be his wife (some day). I had developed the deepest friendship with him that I had ever experienced, not to mention electric chemistry. The love letters from those days are so fun to read! We were head over heels, hated to be apart, and thankfully all of our friends were friends. And that was that, we were inseparable all the way through college. Our college memories are golden. When I smell the air in Auburn I get butterflies. So thankful for God's grace and guidance in our lives since that fall of 1993! We have a beautiful life together!

This past weekend we went to a magnificent restaurant called The Craft and then to see The Sound of Music at the fabulous Fox (It was UNBELIEVABLE!). I happened to be in a silly mood all night long. And just before we left the Fox we saw a young couple get engaged just beside us. I had actually wished for that very thing at dinner. So fun and sweet.

I am so honored to spend my days with such an incredible man. He points me to Christ, challenges me, is a wonderful listener, an unbelievable Dad, and so smart and talented. I wake up and go to bed knowing (most of the time, unless I forgetor listen to the Liar) that he is genuinely interested in me, proud and thankful for me, and that I am deeply loved and appreciated. I love you, Andy! Happy anniversary, darling!

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