Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy birthday, boys!

This year we went the easy route, thankfully. As we were walking out the door for the party, not only did it begin to rain but we had people come with an agent to look at our house. I am SO glad we did not host the party at our house! We have also found that having the boys' party the weekend after school starts will enable almost all of their friends to come!I hope the Moms enjoyed an excuse to sit and gab.
The grandparents traveled 3 hours for a 2 hour party! Thank you!

Jackson's best friend came dressed in Harry Potter costume as a surprise for Jackson. So adorable and fun!

Fun gifts

Gotta love the older girls who watch out for Lydie! She is well loved.
Some buddies at the party
Homeschooled gangsta from suburbia :)
Super cool book!
The cakes were a hit.
Happy birthday, my darling boys!!

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