Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our food stash and flashbacks of Y2K

Our garden is beginning to explode. With all the produce, plus the food that Andy has canned, we have a plethora of fresh foods. In addition to those, the kids and I spent 4 hours and $300 at Costco and Kroger yesterday. I've decided to bite the bullet and buy in bulk. We are hoping that our stash will carry us over for 3 weeks, with a few milk and produce runs here and there. I HATE having lots of food cluttering the pantry and frig. But what I hate more is making a weekly trip to the grocery store. I would honestly rather clean the toilets and kitty litter.
**Do pickles and peppers count as green vegetables?
I thought I would feel organized and excited when I saw it all bought and put away. Instead, it makes me sick to see all the food we will eat over the next 20 days or so. I am not saying we will over eat. But we just have so much, such variety, so much to take for granted. It's a little hard to enjoy. And maybe I'm a little grossed out at all the pre-packaged food we consume. Yucky. Farm life here we come!
Any way, I guess I've just never had such a full pantry, freezer, and refrigerator all at once. I mean, I have 60 frozen waffles in the freezer right beside 10 pounds of ground beef and 2 hams. The pictures can not convey the enormity of it. It is bringing back memories of Y2K. I know the proper response should be thankfulness and generosity. So I should probably quit feeling guilty and try that route instead. And now I'm giggling a little over the Y2K reference. What in the world was that phenomenon about?
Here are the boxes for the recycling bin when all was put away. Wow. If I can go 20 days without a grocery trip I will be so jazzed. Then again, I might be counting my chickens before they hatch. We'll see. Speaking of chickens, my frig is packing 3 dozens eggs, y'all.Any one want to join us for dinner??

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Abby Hutto said...

I shop in bulk too! I shop for a month at a time so I only have to go out once a week for bread, milk, vegtables and fruit. I finally started doing it when I couldn't stand the 2 hour grocery trips once a week. Now I only have one day of massive shopping a month! One day of crazy instead of 4! :) I find I spend a lot less too. I know what you mean about the clutter, though. Good luck! :)