Friday, August 06, 2010


"Self-righteousness is being more aware of and irritated by the sins of others than you are conscious of and grieved by your own."
~Paul Tripp

I found this quote as I was grieving over a new friend who I feel is being unjustly judged. But the Lord used it to pierce my heart. I needed to read these words right now, and change my attitude towards certain family members. It is a tricky thing to look around for opportunities to serve, pray, and love without judging. Seems so simple, such a worthy use of time and energy. But in my sinful flesh I find it very difficult, mostly towards those with whom I am related (because my expectations/needs get in the way). Praying for grace, understanding, wisdom- the intervention of the Holy Spirit- to love as Christ does. Praying He will squash my self-righteousness and replace it with a heart of compassion and discernment.

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