Wednesday, November 30, 2011

12 hours away: chickens, police, and detours

Today's events unfolded like this:

6:30 Rise and shine...muffins in the oven and lunches packed, my chores done

7:00 Kids up for breakfast

7:15 Kids'chores and getting dressed/ I get a shower

7:45 Boys feeding animals...

8:00 Boys still feeding animals due to loose chicken

8:15 On the road...5 minutes late

8:30 Emergency potty stop for 5 year old at the gas station

8:40 Back on the road

8:45 Remember the boys have guitar lessons and they are guitar-less.

9:00 We are now officially late for classes and we have fifteen minutes to go. This logically explains...

9:05 Police lights flashing in the rear view mirror. Drat. No speeding tickets for fifteen the second one in two months. I tell the kids quickly, "You know how sometimes you deserve discipline but Daddy and I extend grace instead? Well I deserve to pay a fine for speeding, but could you all pray that I will receive grace instead?" Was that wrong? Doesn't matter because I got the ticket.

9:20 Boys make it to class. Their teacher is the most gracious, sweetheart on the planet. Thank you Jesus for the grace.

9:35 Arrive late to Bible study and brunch. Remember I was supposed to meet the church secretary about decorating the church Christmas tree (at 9:00). Send a quick apology email. Laugh with ladies about my morning. Because it really is funny! Wonderful, wonderful time together in a beautiful house in the woods with new friends. Thank you Jesus for grace, again.
12:00 Lunch with the sweetest five year old I know. And then a quick hour shopping spree at Hobby Lobby for aforementioned tree decor.

2:05 (SO close to 2:00) Only five minutes late for Women's Ministry meeting. LOVE these new friends. So excited to be a part of what God is doing through them.

3:15 Get all the kids and we leave, on a mission for the Lego advent calendar. I am DETERMINED to have it by tomorrow (December 1st)!! After three strikes, finally call and get a store across town to hold it. Get it. Get back on the highway going south instead of north. Cross county lines before I get to the next exit to turn around.

5:15 Husband calls. He has made it to Ohio, had his meeting, and flown through two airports, dropped off rental car, and driven half way home. I am still not close yet. Amazing.

5:45 He waits for me to catch up and the kids and I meet him for Chinese food. According to my math this advent calendar was a 2 and a half hour, $35 investment. I figure it might be okay considering it will provide 25 days of fun anticipation. Plus, who can mess with tradition?

7:00 Headed home. Panic. Puppy has been Call neighbor and verify he is alive and kickin'. Breathe easy and listen to the children giggling and playing so well in the back seat. Thank you Jesus for grace, again and again. Pull into gas station. Need gasoline. Just filled the tank yesterday morning. Goodness. Tempted to add up cost of December's gasoline + Christmas presents/events/food + new speeding ticket. Decide to listen to Christmas music instead. :)

8:00 Get home. Chickens are dehydrated because the boys cranked up the thermometer too high. Andy has a mess to clean up (dehydration=upset tummies). Puppy is hyper. Cat is bellowing. Kids are excited. No matter how tired they are, they always feel this way when they get home. It's sweet. Home Sweet Home.

And that is what a homeschooling/hybrid schooling, farm-living, women's ministry loving, wife of a farmer/biological consultant who sometimes travels, dog/cat/chicken owning, wife/Mom's day looks like when we are away for a 12 hour stretch. Please tell me you have days this crazy, too. Can't wait to see what tomorrow holds! Because here's the irony in it all: I really enjoyed my day! (Except for the speeding ticket.) I told myself in the car on the way home, I would much rather have my hands FULL than EMPTY! And I pray I am willing and able to have them full all the days and seasons of my life! What a gift!

"We live the given life, and not the planned."

Wendell Berry

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