Monday, November 21, 2011

Girls' weekend with Mom

Sometimes I love it when God changes things up. He hears our desires and plans, but then steps in and "orders our steps". What an encouragement! Case in point, my weekend. I had big plans of a reunion with my college friends. Seven sweet sorority sisters were invited months ago. As the weekend got closer, one by one they realized they could not get away from their families. Then, when only one friend was left and available, she offered to postpone so that my Mom and I could have a weekend alone. She knows of her cancer. I am AMAZED at her thoughtfulness and selflessness, as I know she too was looking forward to a fun weekend break! Thank you, Rach!!

As I prayed about it and talked with Andy, I decided to take her up on the offer to postpone our weekend, in hopes that the other ladies could come another weekend, too. So Mom and I had an entire weekend alone.

We haven't gone anywhere without the rest of the family since I got married! We talked, talked, talked...rested, watched Jane Eyre, and shopped.
Mom had lost the majority of her hair the week before, but she didn't tell me. I was a little shocked when I first saw her. But I seeing her without hair is just a good reminder to pray for her. And she looks great in hats! Below is the one I bought her in Auburn. So cute!!
We stayed at the lake house, which is less than 30 minutes from Auburn. So we drove by after the game and enjoyed a freshly rolled Toomer's Corner, along with a lot of happy fans! We only cooked one meal (breakfast on Saturday), and otherwise we ate out or just snacked. We sat on the sofa both Saturday and Sunday until eleven o'clock with coffee. It was so much fun! My prayer is that our time together was an encouragement for Mom as she approaches her second round of chemo. She has been so brave and strong! I am very proud of her!

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