Monday, November 14, 2011

Our little reunion on the farm

This past weekend we had a house full. Andy invited two of his closest friends and their families to our farm for the weekend. Andy's friend Justin was a huge blessing to our family, and still is. But particularly his friendship sustained Andy through some real struggles when we were in Atlanta. He was the first person at our house when we had our miscarriage in 2005. He was a real brother in Christ for Andy when he was hating his corporate job. And they have prayed and listened to one another through many other struggles and joys over the past eight or so years. We had not seen his children since his daughter was born 16 months ago! Their visit was long overdue!! His wife Stephanie is such a sweet friend, too. She is probably the best listener I have ever met. She has a knack for asking just the right questions, and I love how bubbly and witty she is. Their darling children fit in very well with our three. We enjoyed s'mores over a campfire, playing around the farm and with our new puppy, playing with *all* our toys, and eating tons of food with all kinds of beer and wine. I cooked like a crazy woman. Andy would say, "Chicken wings sound good. Let's get those...and chili. How about some queso? Let's smoke a ham and make a cobbler..." And on and on. Saturday night we all felt sick from it all. But being together was worthy of a little indulgence!

Our friend David joined us on Saturday morning. He also worked with Andy and Justin and they were all buddies. David just got engaged a couple of week ago, but his fiance couldn't join us because she is on a mission trip in China! Lydie and Justin and Steph's son will be flower girl and ring bearer in David's wedding in April. Should be pretty adorable! Lydie has always ADORED David. As in, it's a little embarrassing how many hugs and kisses she gives him.
When the house was quiet and we were back to just us five last night we were all pooped. After several days of preparation for our guests and then late nights all weekend we were all asleep by eight. But it is SO worth it to see good friends. (Even if they are Georgia fans and the football game was humiliating!!) May I never be tempted to not host because of the extra effort it takes. Now off to get ready for another busy week!!

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