Monday, November 07, 2011

Our sweet new addition

We finally got the children their first dog. We've been promising since March when we moved here. Toby will make a good companion and guard dog for them as the children are gaining the freedom to venture farther away on our property. And I think he will be good company for Andy on the days when he is planting and doesn't see or talk to anyone else during the day!
He is a 3 month old chocolate lab/hound mix. He is very affectionate and so sweet. We adopted him from the Birmingham Humane Society. He slept in a storage box by our bed last night and didn't make a whimper. (This was after trying to have him sleep in our kitchen alone. He whimpered/howled like he was being torn to pieces!) But in the box, by our bed, with the ticking clock was the ticket! The children love him already. He is just like a toddler...feed, tee tee, poop, play, put things in his mouth, teething, stay with him at ALL times! I think this enormous task of having a pet came at the perfect time for the kids. They will do a nice job ushering him from puppy hood into a well-mannered companion, I think. Isn't he adorable?

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