Friday, November 04, 2011

Grace upon grace

Tonight we had a fun, celebration dinner in town. First of all, I turned in our report cards for the first quarter. My boys both made straight As! The good grades are exciting, but I am mostly proud of their perseverance and hard work. My sweet Jackson who works so, so diligently in Math (literally giving himself a headache several days a week) earned a 95. It was a well-deserved, enormous accomplishment for him. He is learning the sacrifice and reward (both physically and spiritually) of pushing through something that is very difficult for him. I feel certain he will use these lessons through out his life with much more important matters than decimals and long division!

Both boys are excellent students (and sons)! Although I do often hear, "How many more subjects do we have today?", I rarely hear complaints. I pack in a pretty heavy work load in school for these little guys! But I know they can do it, as their reports have proven!Honor roll boys

And even bigger baby girl became a Christian today. I was reading her devotion with her this morning. The verse said, "Except you be converted, and become as little children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven." (Matthew 18:3) I explained to her that converted means turning away from sin and turning to Jesus in faith. This verse wasn't chosen to scare her. It is an ABC Bible verse book and she is learning to memorize a verse for each letter. This was the closest on they could find for the letter X- "eXcept..." It was God's providence! At the end of the story that went along with the verse she asked, "Have I been converted? Can you help me?" And we talked and prayed together. Then she went squealing through the house to tell her brothers and Dad.

What a day! Jackson said, "Now we'll all be in heaven together some day!" Amazing grace!! And Lydie thanked God at bed time "for making her a Christian". Praising God for the sweet memories of being with our children when all three were converted. Again, His grace is amazing.

Note to self (because I will forget ):

"These steps with the small, these are the giant leaps not to be lost. Saving the world, it begins with the salvation of one child. There's only a harvest in the kingdom when someone attends to the smallness of a seed."

~Ann Voskamp

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Abby Hutto said...

What a precious time! So thankful for God's work in Lydia Joy's life! I was her age when I became a Christian, and have enjoyed the blessing of a life lived never knowing a day without Jesus as my Savior. He has graciously kept me all these years, and I will pray that her experience would be the same.

I know that life has had it's challenges for you this past year, and it is very special to get to see God's blessing on you (and your family) as you rest in and wait on Him. May the blessings continue!!!