Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Penny, caverns, and a fruit tree

Since we took trips out-of-town in September and October, today was our first local field trip for the school year. We went to Desoto Caverns. I remember going in elementary school, but had forgotten how amazing it is. All of the kids enjoyed it very much. I am very excited for them to learn about Alabama's history. And then when we came home we made this beauty for a brunch I am attending tomorrow. It's the first Christmas party of the year. Yay!! We made the fruit tree assembly-line style. Wash-pass-dry-pass-toothpick-pass-spear fruit. Over and over. I got the idea from pinterest. That website might be my new favorite invention.

Besides Pinterest, I am currently obsessed with Christmas music and recipes. I can not believe it is almost DECEMBER! I have some really fun things planned for the kids and me to do this month together! Lots of crafts, a musical, a ballet, good stories, devotions, and hopefully some mercy projects mixed in. And the parties...yippee! Again, found great ideas for the boys' hybrid school class party from Penny. (My pet name for Pinterest.) Also, if you HATE to make menus and grocery shop as much as I do, this website may enhance your life (almost) as much as knowing Penny:

You can find weekly menus already planned. PERFECT! I followed the recipes for week 2 this week. I am making all seven meals. So easy.

I am off to ask Penny if she has any ideas for decorating our church's Christmas tree. I know she won't let me down! Let the Christmas season begin!!

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