Saturday, November 20, 2010

Crazy, crazy

This week has been nuts. I had a tooth (THE TOOTH) abscess. I rate the pain up there with labor. I finally got in to see the dentist, but he put me on antibiotics and told me to come back in a few days. I didn't question him. After all, he is a dentist. But I left wondering how in the WORLD I was going to put up with the constant pain!?! Long story short-in the mean time my mother-in-law came to help out (because Andy was out of town for work), but fought a sinus infection one day and back pain another. And my friends helped by taking the boys on a field trip, but one of those families had to leave early because the daughter was vomiting. I feel a little like we are a dark cloud that no one should get near! :)
Finally yesterday the tooth was pulled. I am 34 and I had a tooth pulled! It has had 2 root canals and it was determined that there must be a crack that can not be repaired. In 6 weeks when my mouth heals I will get a "new tooth". Lovely. My mother-in-law made it safely home. The kids had a wonderful week because of our AMAZING friends who brought flowers, treats, and let them come over to play until dark. Today I have to make one more trip to the dentist. If he is not satisfied with how much the swelling has gone down, then I will have to get an iv of antibiotics in the ER. But I do not think that will be necessary. Here are some sweet moments from that last few crazy days:
The kids' Lego gift for me ("35" because its almost my 35th birthday)

Lydie's thanksgiving party at her preschool. The kids are so cute!

Lydie's little friend. Four year olds make the goofiest faces. This one made me laugh.

Our thankful jar is almost full. Good reminder of our blessings!

The kids wrote and performed a puppet show for me. SO DARLING!

Flowers from two sweet friends and a REALLY yummy meal!

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