Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving weekend

We had an eventful weekend! We went straight to Mimi and Papa's house for Thanksgiving lunch. My parents don't really have Thanksgiving traditions, so Mimi and Papa very graciously invited them to lunch, too. We were so excited that Andy's Aunt Glenna joined us as well. The kids enjoyed the day with their favorite adults, eating, and playing games. I know they missed their cousins, but they forgot all about that while we were there.

Lydie took orders (on her pad) and Mimi & Aunt Glenna teamed up to make a YUMMY meal!
Beautiful table

Sweet Papa sat at the kids' table. Poor Papa!

Lydie loved to wear this mask. It works for cutting turkey, doing surgery on dolls, and the like.Aunt Glenna and Joshua had a Monopoly war. Josh won, as usual. Every family has a game whiz and he is ours!

Friday night our favorite football team, the Auburn tigers, beat our rivals the Alabama Crimson Tide. We were sure it would be an upset, but we came back for a close win- 28 to 27. What a fun game to watch together!
Friday morning Andy and I enjoyed our annual Black Friday shopping date. We decided to sleep in and leave at 7:00 this year. We actually found everything on our list! ALL of my Christmas shopping, plus all 5 birthday gifts were bought! I am DONE Christmas shopping!! THIS is a good start to the holiday season!

I came home on Saturday and Andy enjoyed some time alone at the farm. It was the best decision I have made in a long time to get home a day earlier than usual. It really saved my sanity! I am so, so thrilled that December is upon us!
**Favorite part of Thanksgiving: Thankful comments from our jar. Some favorites were: art or drawing, which was put in the jar 4 or 5 times by the boys, "my loving family" by my boy (sniff sniff), and "our church home". We didn't have any funnies like in years past (winged meat was my favorite from last year), but seeing their hearts revealed in an unpromted setting was so touching! I am so, so thankful to have a gracious God who continues to bless this sinner!!

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