Friday, November 05, 2010


This fall I have really enjoyed reading. I haven't had the time that I did in the summer. But I really look forward to traffic lights (only red ones, of course), rare quiet moments during the day, and mostly the late evenings when I can end the day with a book. Here are the ones I have read since school started, all of which I recommend. (Not including the loads of books I have read to the kids.)

The Help was on my book list for months. I randomly saw it on the library return cart and grabbed it. I am SO glad I did. I love historical fictions. We were studying the beginning of the slave trade in colonial America in history when I read this book about civil rights in the 1960s in the South. My heart broke, not only for the African American people, but for women in general from this era. This book gave me a renewed and more impassioned thankfulness for the freedoms we enjoy in our country as women, as well as a grieved spirit for the effects of slavery and racism. I really enjoyed reading The Help.

I am very glad that I read Laura Bush's autobiography. I learned many interesting things about our country, life at the White House, and her life. Although her writing is chocked full of details and she is simply lovely, I did not enjoy her style of writing. Her viewpoint is very factual, with little expression of emotion. Maybe this type of writing reflects her personality, and quite possibly may be why God providentially made her a First Lady. But it just did not appeal to me as a reader. It took me a full month to read this book.

If I could choose any mentor in the world (besides the wonderful ladies at my church), I would choose Sally Clarkson. I love her parenting and education books. They are filled with exactly what I believe to be truthful, wise, and successful. Her writing is full of heart, encouragement, and goodness. This book has been around for a couple of decades, I think. I have skimmed it before. But this time around I bought it and read it cover to cover. It is FILLED with notes and highlights!

My favorite genre to read is fictional series. I LOVED the Hunger Games trilogy! I read each book in a couple of days. At first the story seems strange and a little bizarre, but focusing on the symbolism reveals phenomenal writing. I was SO thankful that I discovered these books so late. I bought/checkout out all three so that I could continue seamlessly from one to the next. No waiting months or years for the next book for me! I highly recommend these books. Heidi wrote some great comments on all three books here.

I am currently reading the following two books. The Noticer is the book that my book club chose for the month. I think the author is attending our meeting. I am enjoying what I have read so far.

And this was another random find that I picked up from a cart. I liked the title. I thought Cure for the Common Life: Living In Your Sweet Spot might be good for a city girl moving to a farm in the near future. I guess my cure for the common life is playing out before my very eyes. But nevertheless, I am enjoying the content of the book. The theme seems to be to discover your gifts and talents, and then use them to serve the Lord. Andy and I believe in this ideal and have found the joy that it produces.

My book wish-list was lost on our old computer. (I seem to have a knack for crashing computers.) Any recommendations for what to read next? I am looking for some good fiction now that it is cold enough for a fire at night. So exciting!

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