Monday, November 22, 2010

A date with my son and Harry Potter

Jackson and I finally went to the new Harry Potter movie. We read the series last winter together, and we've seen all six movies together. Its been a great experience. Oh, the conversations we've shared! We give the movie two thumbs up, although it is very intense and scary! My favorite Jackson quote from the night was when I asked him if he wanted to wear his HP costume to the movie and he said, "I respect those people's enthusiasm, but I'm not into geekdom." Almost everything he says is hilarious to me. So courteous, so blunt, so spot-on. He is the king of one-liners.On the home front, we are taking the week to do a little of this and that. A little school, a little housework, a little shopping, a little baking, a little napping-some work and some play until Thanksgiving day when we celebrate with family. Although there is much to do and the next few weeks are jammed packed with activities, I am so thankful for good health, a normal week with my husband and children, and taking it at our own pace (I say this in comparison to Andy traveling or me walking around with swollen cheek and toothache). I will take busy over sick and parenting solo any day!!

Here's a normal morning with Lydie, watching her lick the bowl clean. Love it and her! So happy to bake with her.
And here's Joshua's usual afternoon routine, wearing monochromatic pants and shirt and running out to play. We call this "camo on camo". (It's better than green on green or denim on denim, which is particularly tacky.) He is darling, though. Love it! So happy to watch through the window and laugh. It's good to have a daunting, difficult week every now and again, if for no other reason, to embrace the mundane with open arms!

"My heart took delight in all my work."

~Ecclesiastes 2:10

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