Thursday, July 17, 2008

A little PMS talk

Ever since I quit nursing Lydie, my hormones have been a wreck. I have never struggled with p.m.s. (maybe cramps here in there, but not moodiness) in my life! But since about a year ago, my hormones rage during p.m.s.. I have struggled with all kinds of physiological symptoms like depression, irritability, extreme fatique, and mood swings. I have actually had to ask my husband to mark the four days leading up to my monthly visitor on his calendar. This is for his sanity and so that he can extend extra grace and actually pray for me! I have been very reluctant to go to the doctor because I know they will ask me to take depression medicine or birth control pills. I have no desire to be on either, although I am certainly not opposed to either. I just don't feel a peace about those choices for me personally. (I have never been a big medicine taker. I have to be unable to function before I will even take a Tylenol.)
So I have opted to just wait. These last two months were the clenchers. I had promised my husband two months ago (when I was so hormonally messed up that I literally could not get out of bed for two days) that I would give it "two more months". I am thrilled to say, this month is the first month that my little visitor came with NO side effects. I was as shocked as my husband. He said earlier this week, "You didn't even get mad at me last week!" Bless his heart. But, he was right, it was a milestone. Man, hormones can do crazy things! Right now, I am looking down at my hair all curled up on my shoulder. Before my pregnancies I didn't have a single wave in my hair. But with each mega-dose of pregnancy hormone surges my hair has gotten curlier and curlier and darker and darker.
Nevermind the hair, I'm just glad not to feel out-of-control moody this month. I pray that things are finally leveling out for good. Lydie is 21 months old and my body just now feels completely back to normal. For those of you that have handfuls of children, back to back, with nursing babies in between, my hat is off to you! I'm not sure if my body, or my family, could manage!


Bloom Where You Are Planted said...

So glad to know that things were much better for you this month! :)

I've heard that your cycles rotate between ovaries and depending on the ovary that's "being used" for the cycle is the severity of a pms...

I don't know a whole lot about how all that works but I do think that every several cycles I am really severe with ALL the signs and symptoms (remember when I thought I was pregnant?) that must be the ovary that produces more side effects for me. Other months I am shocked when the visitor shows up since I have no warning signs!

Sounds crazy but I almost think that one of my ovaries does several cycles in a row (the one with less impact) then gets tired and passes the torch to the "evil"one to do it's work! :) I also think I may be too imaginative for my own good!

Hang in there! You should start charting on a calendar when they are mild and when they are "not so nice" and see if there's a pattern (i.e. every 3 months).

Amy said...

Ok so I only have 1 but I did nurse for 13 months and my hormones were crazy too. However not as has crazy as yours. I did start back on my progesterone cream and that is something to consider. I have vowed not to do birthcontrol because I am a witch and I am trying many things. So far the cream and fish oil has helped. I don't have bad PMS but I am having bad joint pain and I think it is related to the visitor. Just a thought.
Cousin Amy

Jennifer said...

I tend to get very critical and "leave me alone'ish" the week before my period - and then the week after I am SO in love with John, I can't get close enough. He's very pragmatic about it - when I'm irritable he says, "it's okay, you'll love me next week." HA!!! :)

Jennifer said...

p.s. -
I just read the comment over there about the rotating ovary theory and that is my theory, too. Some months I have not a blip, other months I'm out for 2 days. Hm.