Friday, July 18, 2008

How did she do that?

Look at her with my keys as we were leaving...she knew she was in the driver's seat!

Tonight Lydie-bug and I went out alone together. We were on a mission to find her some new pajamas. My family members know that I do not like to spend money on pjs. It just seems like a waste when you can spend that money on a cute outfit instead. So, I have two simple criteria for pajamas: they should be decent and cheap. It seems my girl had different plans.
Notice she is pointing at the "pin-cess"
She saw this little gown and began pointing and grunting. She recently spent some time with her two older girl cousins and since then has been wanting to play dress-up. I think she thought it was a princess costume. My first response was ignorance, you know, the I-don't-have-any-idea-what-you-are-talking-about-look. But she's too sly for that. She responded with, "Pin-cess, Mommy. Right here!" And she tugged on the bottom of the gown. "Okay, but we're only going to try it on!", was my clueless response. I am obviously new at this daughter thing. So I let her put on the gown on top of her little dress. The minute it was on she took two steps backward, held her arms out by her side and said, "Me! Me! I pitty(pretty)!" Right then and there I knew I was suckered. She wore her $12.99 gown over her dress all the way to the cashier and out the door.
So this is what having a daughter will be like; maybe shopping is not such a good idea! Any way, when did she get old enough to wear GOWNS?


Bloom Where You Are Planted said...

He,he,he!! :)

She's WAY too cute!! She really is pretty in it though!! Oh boy! I guess I can count my blessings on that front by only having boys, right?!

Jennifer said...

That is so funny! Look at that girl - she knows the glory of the girlie pj!

We are huge pajama people over here. Oh, my, nothing brings joy to my kids like new pj's.

Here's a tip: Disney has sales fairly often online where you can get GREAT pj's for nothin'. The stuff at the Disney store that was $15 - online for $4 and $5. Go in with someone and get shipping down, too - you're set for Christmas Eve! :)