Monday, July 14, 2008

Final day of camp

Yesterday was our last camp day. We had a wonderful time of worship at church and one last lunch date. My husband took his turn to make the seven hour journey (round trip) to pick up the kids. By yesterday morning, I missed them so much it hurt. So I spent the entire afternoon trying to busy myself. After a one-hour random stroll through Target, I came home and worked in the school room. I have so much to do in there before we start school!

This will be my last shameless post on my home projects and polished toenails and all that. In case it has been a little sickening, I apologize. If it is at all redeeming, I got out the vacuum cleaner twice in the hour that the kids were awake when they got home. And there were two crying outburst. So on that note, here's what I did in the school room.
The bookshelf before

The bookshelf after. I found a sheet that has royal blue, robin's egg blue and lime green stripes. I like not having to look at all of the messy papers and books under there. So I cut the sheet in half and took off some of the length and then hemmed it.
I hung this leaf above Lydie's table. The table, chair (with flower pad), and leaf all came from Ikea* for next to nothing.

I hung stuff on our learning wall.

This is our theme for the bright colors, of course
Another Ikea* find. I hung this mirror at eye-level for the kids near their dress-up area.
It is easy to open with a Velcro attachment. This is all I could focus to do as the anticipation of seeing my babies was killin' me. They look more beautiful than ever! I am so glad they are back.

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