Saturday, July 12, 2008

Day 1 of Camp Polished Toenails

I decided that when the kids are away at Camp Stinky Feet, our home would be called Camp Polished Toenails. This name symbolizes the lavish lifestyle I am enjoying while I have no responsibilities. Here's a peek into day one:Cooking at Camp Polished Toenails: And then we eat our food in bed with a movie! (This is actually from Thursday night.)
Grocery Shopping at Camp Polished Toenails: fresh flowers, decorating magazine, cute striped umbrella (not in picture), and lunch (favorite potato chips and a Diet Coke)
Project #1 at Camp Polished Toenails: clean every inch of the van, even the trunk. Work is not allowed at this Camp...unless it is a "project", of course.
Good bye, carpool number.
Exercise at Camp Painted Toenails: One hour walk without pushing a stroller. I needed the exercise to prepare for dinner.
Shopping at Camp Painted Toenails: I hardly shop anywhere but the thrift store these days. I had $40 and found two outfits and a dress for me and two dresses for Lydie. (The boys' sections had nothing cute at all!) This simple outfit above cost $3.99, the shorts were $1.00.
This dress for Lydie costs $2.00. I need to replace that broken ribbon around the bottom, but otherwise it is in perfect shape. This is why I don't take up smocking, because I can find these hand-made dresses for next to nothing!
My crush at Camp Polished ToenailsDating my crush at Camp Painted Toenails: a night at our favorite restaurant and a movie
Who my prayers are filled with at Camp Painted Toenails!!

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Bloom Where You Are Planted said...

Time well spent, indeed! :) Keep the great posts coming!!!