Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day 2 of Camp Polished Toenails

Yesterday was another late start for us. We sat around for the first hour or two of our morning in our family room with coffee and a quiet time together. I usually start my day this way, only with the children along side. The quiet and stillness took a little getting used to...but we managed.
Then we decided to take advantage of the sunshine and do a few "projects".
Our yard was in desperate need of some attention. Here it is after we mowed, weeded, swept. I love this little house. The back yard is still a bit of a jungle, but in better shape. We had to quit and pace ourselves because this was looming...
Our garage has been unorganized since we moved in two years ago. This is my husband's area and I didn't want to step on toes, but it was unbearable for me. I could not stand it another day. We started the yard and garage projects at 10:30am and came in to check the time at 6:00pm. But look at the after shots! (We filled two large garbage cans and two extra trash bags full of junk.) Two completed projects!

I kept having to remind myself that it didn't really matter that we left for dinner at 7:30. I'm not used to being on my own schedule! So we went to this great little Mexican restaurant, complete with music and Mexican dancing.

I couldn't mortify my introverted husband and ask a stranger to take our picture again tonight. So we took individuals. Doesn't he look rested and happy?

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Bloom Where You Are Planted said...

WOW!! Look at you!!! :) You both look rejuvenated!! I am overflowing with joy for you that you both had this special weekend to be with each other and work side by side with nothing stopping the hours of hard work!

What a fantastic gift! Great job on all your projects too! We began our punch list last night by totally reorganizing our master closet until midnight (it only took 1 1/2 years to finally get settled in there!) is my dresser and loft storage closet. I think I need to do what you do...before and after pics really do help to show progress!

Take care my dear friend! Have an awesome day with your sweet peas now that they are home! :)