Friday, February 10, 2012

Sweet, "crowded" hours

Today was supposed to be a day to go on a field trip with friends. We have studied both George Washington Carver and Booker T. Washington recently in history. It just so happens that we are not far from Tuskegee Institute, a marvelous place to walk the places where these great men lived and worked. But, as God would have it, Jack got sick yesterday. So we have been at home all day instead.
We were a little disappointed at first,especially since we were the ones to invite a group of friends to go with US! But, it has been so refreshing to just be here. Andy has been gone all day to a grower's conference. It has been so quiet. I managed to do all the basic subjects with the kids, just a little at a time, over the course of the morning and afternoon. And I kept the lessons short, requiring less than usual.
I moved our tv/dvd combo into Jack's room. He felt so special. I've managed to keep him secluded all day, in hopes that the strep throat will not spread! It's really such an honor to take this opportunity to pamper my oldest son. He always is so thoughtful to help me and his brother and sister. It's nice to serve this little sweet heart. I've been taking food in on trays, fluffing his pillows, the works. I heard him whisper when I left the room earlier, "Wow. This is kinda fun!" I still remember how sweetly I was treated by Mom, Nana, or Grandmom when I was sick. I hope he will remember with fondness, too!!
Funny thing. My Mom used to talk to me in third person when I was sick. And now, without meaning to, I do it, too! Here are some phrases I echo from my childhood when my kids are sick, "Is she sick?" "That baby needs some hot chocolate!" "How is my boy?" "Does he need some extra love?" They eat it up, just like I did.
Our house is a full blown wreck. Lydie and Josh have pulled out loads of legos, butcher paper for art, and all manner of toys. Junk is everywhere. It's only 2:30, and Andy won't be home until 6:00. So there is hope that we can spend some time restoring order again. But for today, all the little piles of chaos aren't a big concern. I am so thankful for three darling children and a day at home to enjoy them, lots of laughter even when there is sickness, this hot steamy mug of coffee beside me, and the anticipation of a lasagna dinner around the table together. Despite all the feminists' arguments, it's a very sweet, complicated, busy, and fulfilling occupation, this Mother/home-maker gig.
"What do you do? You're a housewife, aren't you? Nursemaid to a bunch of kids?" "No, I have a fantastic job, a terrific career. I am curator of a museum- a museum of memories."

~Edith Schaeffer

**Thank you so much for the sweet comments on my last post! What an encouragement!!

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