Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Love and Greyce

On Sunday we went to church with my brother's family. His youngest daughter accepted Jesus as her Savior in November and got baptized on Sunday. Although it happens occasionally, my children do not often see children and adults get baptized at our church. (Presbyterians administer infant baptism, holding to the concepts of covenant theology.) Lydie especially was asking questions about the baptismal, etc.
It was a special day. My brother baptized my niece, which was SO sweet! The church made a short video where our niece told of the story of how she came to know Christ- her testimony. And the video was so HER. Smiley, giggley. "Could my three nieces and three nephews be any cuter?", I kept rhetorically asking myself. (The answer is a resounding NO! They are absolutely THE CUTEST.)
I am a crier. (I am a hugger, too.) Regardless, I try to keep my tears and touchy-feelyness under wraps. But I cannot help myself on days like this one. I hugged and cried profusely (and kissed, too). Because these sweet children-their hearts, souls, and minds being under the Lordship of Christ-this is what we long for. I cried until my lip quivered. Sweet little Greyce. What a blessing!

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