Monday, February 27, 2012

Auburn love

After Joshua's basketball game on Saturday we went to spend the day at Auburn. Joshua has been asking to go to an Auburn basketball game and we finally found the time to take him. We had a wonderful day together at the game, and walking around campus and downtown. The new Arena is wonderful. The kids especially loved the old pictures and little museum there. The basketball games are a lot of fun with lots of entertainment for families. It was a good time. I am so thrilled that we only live an hour away!

The Auburn Creed etched into the outside wall of the Arena

We have moved around a lot in our fifteen years of marriage. And if I ever feel misplaced I can always find that "home sweet home" feeling as I walk the streets of our Alma Mater. I met and fell in love with my husband there. I became an adult there. And I went from a new, baby Christian to a married woman, all on in this town. And now my own children are dreaming of going to college there, too. We love sweet Auburn!

Did anyone hear Octavia Spencer give a "War Eagle!" on the red carpet at the Oscar's last night. When she won the Oscar for her amazing acting in The Help I almost flipped out. Three cheers for Alabama natives/Auburn alums!

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