Tuesday, February 14, 2012

No Mo Chemo Party

The kids and I dropped by the chemotherapy center for a little surprise visit. We took Mom a party hat and donuts. (Her blue glittery hat says, "It's time to party!) :) We sang and cheered, and made all manner of fools out of ourselves. "No mo' chemo!", we chanted. It was so much fun.My Mom has been amazing! I have not seen her get sad or down in spirit once. She has really been a trooper! And chemo is no joke. She has had dry skin and mouth (extremely), loss of hair, loss of appetite, achy bones and body, upset stomach, numbness, swollen feet, and severe fatigue. But it's almost ALL OVER!! In a couple of weeks she will begin waking up every day feeling a little bit better each day. It may take a full year to feel 100% back to normal, but she is very excited about daily progress. Cancer is a beast. I am so proud of her fighting spirit! Way to go, Mom!

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