Monday, February 20, 2012

Fun in the ATL

This past weekend we took a break from country life and went to the big city. Our life is so similar to Green Acres (that would make me Zsa Zsa) and sometimes I need to break free!! :) So I called my friend-that-is-like-a-sister Liz and invited myself (and 3 kids and husband) over for the weekend. I'm very polite, let me tell you.
I didn't get out my camara that often. I was too relaxed. But we had a great weekend. Shopping in downtown Roswell...antique markets and cafes...beautiful! We also chatted, played games, and watched a movie by the fire. Our husbands actually cornered us into watched Red Dawn. Oh my goodness. Worst movie ever. Period. But good for some laughs. Sweet Liz invited two other families over for dinner on Saturday night. How many people do you know who can throw together an impromptu dinner party like that? There were 20 of us, including kids, and she fed us all without a lot of fuss! She's pretty amazing. And she loves us...a lot.

We enjoyed so much seeing our friends at our old church on Sunday, too. It was really a great weekend from start to finish. The kids' love tanks are all filled this morning after three days with their BEST friends! Joshua said last night on the way home, "If my Georgia friends and my Alabama friends were in a competition, my Georgia friends would win." I am sure this statement had nothing to do with which friends he enjoys more. It was simply a nine year old boy's way of saying his Georgia friends are awesome and he loves them like family. We all agree.

Today I am thankful for generous friends, a church who loved us so well for eight years through many joys and trials, friends whom I will know into eternity, and a heart full of hope. And I feel refreshed and ready to be ALL HERE! Thank you, Lizzie and Matthew, for a great weekend!

"We are not responsible for writing our own stories. Rest and hope do not come from understanding. They are found in the person who is writing our story! Rest comes as we focus on God." ~Rick Holmes, our wonderful pastor from Atlanta

Beginning a new week with these wise words. Not looking to the left at "her life", or to the right at "his life", but casting my gaze on Jesus and trusting Him with my life right here- not because it is always filled with what I want, but because it is rooted in knowing and loving Him! "The things of this earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace!"

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