Monday, February 20, 2012

*LOVE*ly Valentines day

Lovely breakfast. Heart cinnamon rolls, bacon (sort of heart shaped) and eggs.Little love note on our new chalkboard in the kitchen.
Of course, Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown. Poor little Charlie!
In the mix of the fun, much of the ordinary, too. Brothers reading Cheaper by the Dozen together. I bought this new print for the kitchen a few weeks ago. It was perfect on Valentines.
Sweet flowers and a message from my husband. Isn't it thrilling when the doorbell rings and there is a delivery man holding a long flower box? We don't really celebrate with a big date and all the romance. I think that would be fun, but it's not feasible to do during the middle of the week with our schedule. But he always sends me flowers or a simple gift. It's a fun treat!
And pink carnations from Andy to his little sweetie- Lydia Joy. She almost burst with excitement! I picked up some heart stickers and paper for Lydie to have her way with.

Sweet, simple day together. The day before, a fun party with friends. (No pictures taken!) Good fun! I love these holidays!

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