Thursday, February 02, 2012

Mommy, the competitive non-athlete

I consider myself a competitive person. My husband often reminds me I am competitive, so it must be true. I took ballet, or other forms of dance, from age 3-18. This meant at the very soonest that it became possible, I opted out of p.e. for a dance elective. This also meant that I never, ever, not one single time played on a sports team. I can hold my own at board games, Wii games, and ping pong (is that a sport?). On the other hand, if we play softball, don't pick me to be on your team. Trust me. And my sister-in-law can attest to the fact that I am no superstar on the ice skating rink, either. BUT, if there is a wedding, cruise, or any other event with a dance floor, I'm your girl!

Case in point...last weekend we took the kids to play bowling. It was really a good time. Family nights away from home always are. But, I got the worst score. Remember, I have a 5 year old daughter. In my defense, she did use the gutter guards. But still. I think my highest score was 60 points in a game. It's just crazy how bad I am. And here's the really sad part. Yes, I was excited for my 11 year old who won a game. And I was thrilled when all three kids got a strike or a spare. But, although I mostly had a happy demeanor, it really bothered me to lose- against my own children. I'm that competitive. In fact, when I got in bed that night I asked myself, "What's wrong with me? I feel really grumpy and angry." Then I remembered the loss, and that's what it was. How ridiculous!

Ironically, with two sons and a daughter, my daughter seems to be the only one with this supecrazy competitive spirit. (Although she keeps it in check SO much better than I did at her age!) My husband, my daughter, and I were all trying to WIN. Meanwhile, the boys are just wondering what's for dinner. And they got the highest scores! Makes me laugh.

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