Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sweet, good days

Last weekend we hosted three amazing friends from our Atlanta church's youth group. It was such a sweet time of showing our big city friends what country life is all about. But somewhere along the way I lost my camera. I had some really funny shots, too.

We took our friends (2 high school girls and 1 college guy) to Mule Day, for example. This event is exactly what you might imagine, and more. It is a combination of a big yard sale, live country singers, southern food, an antique car show, and horse and mule rides. And perhaps our favorite event was the lunch time entertainment, the senior citizen line dancing team. I sound facetious, but I kid you not that unless I am in heaven or sick or lame, I will be on the line dancing team when I turn 60. They are so cute and spunky. I aspire to be them.

What did not inspire me was the stuff for sale. Someone had their used orange Kool Aid tennis shoes for sale. I kid you not. Wow. We also fished, shot guns, rode the Polaris around for the farm tour, and had a bonfire (with s'mores and Andy's guitar playing) There is no cell coverage here, so I am always shocked at the favorable response our teenage friends have to the farm. They always come back again, often to my surprise.

In other news, our two weeks of trying to eat organically has gone well. I would guess that about 75% of our food has been organic. This is a huge improvement that I am satisfied with. We will never be on such a strict diet that we miss an opportunity because of it. But I think the changes have been well received by the children. The gluten free goal has been slowly coming along. I have been making a lot from scratch- cookies, waffles, etc. but we still buy some breads, although not as much. I have also been forcing myself to do 25 minutes of cardio first thing in the morning and I am drinking more water. And it feels great. Trying to focus on stewardship and not outward changes.

My spring Bible study ended on Wednesday. And there was a local study that started today. So I jumped on board. I have enjoyed my women's Bible studies so much. Praying for more transparency which will hopefully lead to deeper relationships with one another and Jesus.

The farm is beautiful. Pictures to come. We surpassed our goal of 75 CSA members. And our 18 weeks of produce deliveries to these customers starts next week! It is a busy and exciting time for us. My husband has this excited look of anticipation mixed with nervousness about him. He loves to watch all of the harvest grow, but he knows fulyl well that God determines the outcome. There are so many uncontrollable variables. So we just try to rest in Him. Although it is a joy to watch Andy's hard work (literally) come to life, it can be extremely exhausting. For the next 20 weeks or so he will work 60-80 hour weeks. And when school is out we will spend a portion of those hours working, too. It will be a sweet time, but hard work! For about 5 months most everything will take a back seat to our farm for Andy. It is just the nature of farming. Somehow, amazingly, last year he managed to love us well even during this season.  And I really desire to serve God and Andy well by being the help mate he needs. So I am praying for God to prepare me to balance it all. 

FOUR weeks of school left! Not just for the year, but only 4 weeks of homeschooling left for us as a family. I do not know how I feel that this chapter is over. But I am thrilled for the fall. If I could bypass the summer, I would. But there is so much to do first. The principal thought I would be teaching second grade, but she decided instead it would be third. I am observing the teacher I will team teach with this week. I cannot describe how thrilled I am to be teaching at a school. I need a team, and my children do too. And the team He has provided is phenomenal.

Life is so rich right now. It is a sweet season of seeing God answer so many prayers. God is finally revealing the answers to so many of my persistent questions. And I am overcome with the fullness of His presence and plan. Love our memory verse, 2 Corinthians 2:14-15, "But thanks be to God, who in Christ always leads us in triumphal procession and through us spreads in every place the fragrance that comes from knowing Him."

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Reading this brings tears to my eyes. I am so happy for y'all!