Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Sunday

In light of our fresh, big news, Easter was especially sweet. Because we had spent three weekends in a row getting our Atlanta house ready to put on the market, I did not volunteer to host this year. My sweet brother and sister-in-law offered, though. We enjoyed a beautiful church service and lunch at their house. In fact, we stayed too long and found ourselves leaving around 6pm. (Thank you, Mimi and Papa, for the children's Easter outfits. They were so sweet.)
Thoughtful Aunt Chelle planned a scavenger hunt indoors and the men hid eggs for an Easter egg hunt outdoors. The kids loved it so much. (Thank you for all the thought you put into those activities, Aunt Chelle!) And lunch was delicious. Aunt Chelle cooked all of the food, with Mom and I only contributing desserts. It was a restful, fun day for us.
How do you process the resurrection? Our Savior's life, death, and resurrection? All we can do is worship and hold our hands high and our heads low in worship to our great Messiah. So thankful to live in the light of His great sacrifice. So thankful for the great joy and hope he brings to such a dark world, and to my own dark heart. He is Risen!! He is risen, indeed!

"Men point to the sad incidents of human life on earth, and they ask “Where is the love of God?” God points to that Cross as the unreserved manifestation of love so inconceivably infinite as to answer every challenge and silence all doubt for ever. And that Cross is not merely the public proof of what God has accomplished; it is the earnest of all that He has promised." [Sir Robert Anderson]

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