Tuesday, April 17, 2012


On Tuesdays we do not have to be anywhere. I try to take the kids on a long walk around the farm in the afternoon time when chores and school are all done. Today, as always, we found some fresh treasures.
Lots of honeysuckle, the kids' favorite.

We planted a small orchard last year behind the house. Today we discovered our first peaches!
The dog was as hyper and out of control as always. The clouds began to bulge with impending rain, so we headed home (it was a short walk) and the kids got on the trampoline. I truly do not know how any family makes it without one. The kids spend probably a dozen hours a week on ours. Jumping, diving on bean bags, throwing beach balls. Around 5:30 we came in and I started dinner. A few minutes later the clouds exploded and my sweetie came knocking on the back door, soaked. The produce here at the farm is beginning to come in. Notice the new potatoes he brought in for dinner tomorrow night. Lettuce, radishes, spinach, onions, and now potatoes are ready! So I lit some warm candles while he took a shower and we had a nice dinner together. Then Lydie turned on music and entertained us with dancing and a fashion show until showers and bedtime. Now they are all tucked in bed. Andy is reading to the boys, Lydie is anxiously awaiting the Tooth Fairy. Another simple Tuesday at our house.

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