Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wedding celebration

Our dear friend, "Vance", got married over the weekend. Andy was a groomsman and Lydia Joy was a flower girl. We had such a great time at the hotel and festivities making new friends and seeing old ones. I told my husband at least a dozen times how handsome he looked. Wow, the farmer cleans up really nicely! (a couple of pictures from the rehearsal)
The highlight of the weekend for us was watching our girl enjoy her role as flower girl. She took it very seriously. As in a one hour ceremony, and she did not move a muscle!! No sitting, no yawning, no slouching. She has the self-control of a boot camp soldier, that one! And she looked pretty darling, I have to admit. The little ring bearer is son to our very good friends. He and Lydie have know each other their whole lives, and just recently they spent a weekend with us on the farm. So they had this evening all planned out. They were going to dance the night away! They received a lot of attention and were very cute. At the rehearsal, Lydie made friends with all of the bridesmaids. So at the reception, I would lose track of her only to find a bridesmaid holding her. It was really sweet. We all had such a great time. It is so fun to listen to the sermon, hear the vows, see the joy, and remember our own wedding day. It is good to hear those vows every now and then. And then when we snap back into the present day, look around at our three beautiful children and praise God for all He has done for us in fifteen years, and all we pray he will bring to the lives of our sweet, newlywed, friends as they start a new life together. Champagne, dancing, celebration...weddings are so much fun!

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