Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy birthday, Mom and Dad!

Mom and Dad both have birthdays in April.  This year is a big one for Dad, as he turns the big 6-5.  And it's a big one for Mom after all that has happened to her since her last birthday (battle with cancer).  We enjoyed an evening with them.   I have enjoyed seeing them often since we moved back to Alabama.  So thankful to be close to all of our family.  We have missed a lot of birthdays over the years.  It is really fun to be here to celebrate now.

Praying Mom and Dad will have some easy years ahead of them.  It's been a rough time here these last couple.  Praying that on their next birthday they would both feel better than they have in a long time.  They just closed on a new house yesterday, and it is very close to the school where I will be teaching and the kids attending.  We are so excited about that close proximity and being able to enjoy these years with them.  Get ready Mom and Dad, we might be spending the night every now and then! Love them both so much!

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