Friday, August 26, 2011

We are THAT family

The second shenanigan lasted the span of the week. I am trying the HCG diet with a nutritionist where I get the hormone treatments. It's a controversial diet, I know. And I've never really done a diet program, per se, except Weight Watchers once. So this little adventure is not the norm for me, as I am not a big diet program kindof girl. But what can I say? I needed a jump start!

By the beginning of the week I realized my monthly visitor hadn't been around in a while. When I checked the calendar I realized I was really late. Just a side note, I have never been late or irregular except the four times I was pregnant! So I reviewed the facts: husband has had preventative surgery, I am taking hormone treatments, I am on a diet where I have small doses of HCG (pregnancy hormone) daily. I wasn't too worried. But since I only consume 500 calories a day (sounds crazy, but I really am not hungry due to hormones. No need to send anxious emails or post negative comments. I did the research!) I knew I needed to know for sure about being pregnant. (Besides, we are that family. The ones who live in the .0001% of crazy things that happen!) So I bought a couple of pregnancy tests. The first test...positive. Let's try again, the second test...positive. I sent a frantic note to the nutritionist: "Can these small doses of hcg cause a false positive pregnancy test??" She didn't know the answer. So I call a local doctor who also oversees this type of diet, and ask him the same question. "Hmmm, I have always wondered that!" Strike two. Now I get a little more concerned. Why haven't they heard of this happening before??

I bite the bullet and make an appointment with my doctor. My doctor is now a family friend, in fact, he was our first family friend in town. (Remember Josh's cronic strep throat in the spring? That equalled over a dozen doctor's visits, which gifted us with our new friend.) When I told him the entire story- diet, hormone treatments, pregnancy test- he didn't seem too concerned. He did, though, request the name "Feddy" for the new baby, after the Fed-Ex man. :) Any way, after endless Feddy jokes he gave me another pregnancy test, which was also positive. Then drew blood for a definite answer. (I think he began sweating at this time and wondered if his Feddy jokes were out of line! :) )

Yesterday we found out that we are certainly NOT expecting a baby. That result came after a week of "what ifs??" Crazy, crazy life this is. I found myself rubber-necking at every baby and pregnant belly wondering..."Will this be us again?" Fearful, but not completely opposed. (Although Andy wouldn't even discuss the possibility of sleepless nights again.) We aren't out of the normal age to be having a new baby, just thought we had closed that chapter five years ago!

I guess three is our number. Three beautiful, vivacious, healthy gifts from God. And I'm thankful for what we have! This is what a house looks like after a great week of school, golf, classes, gymnastics, guitar, prep for a birthday party, and wondering if you are unexpectantly preggers:

Why should we put the food in the pantry when it will all be eaten eventually??

The bed never got made this week and where's the artwork that belongs on those shelves??

Why use a trash can when we can dump our trash and junk right beside us on the floor?

Not a huge laundry pile, but which ones are clean and which ones are dirty again??

It's going to be a busy afternoon!


Bloom Where You Are Planted said...

WOW!!!! Crazy, CRAZY!!! I can't imagine what your week was like! WOW!!

Jackie said...

You had me going for a bit there. I was 44 when I had our latest addition! Thank you for these latest pics because that is most definitely a closer resemblance to my house! Hahahahaha!