Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stored up for later

My kids are all a delight to teach. They like to get done with their work in a timely fashion. They can focus and listen. They are mostly curious and willing to learn. But, the boys both have their weaknesses, as I am sure I will discover in Lydie, too. So, I will remember the following words when Jack is struggling with math and Joshua is in tears because he doesn't know what to write about in his journal. Storing away encouraging words for the school year. I'm encouraged to push forward and keep my eye on the prize!!

"The education process is as much about mental and character formation as it is about information and subjects. The formative value of the subjects we teach in school is as important as- if not more important than- the actual content. Math teaches logical, accurate, and precise thinking; history teaches judgment, discernment, prudence; literature teaches sensitivity to the human condition; penmanship teaches the beginning student the basic skills of concentration, accuracy, correct spelling, and the patience and persistence required to do quality work. These mental habits, work habits, and skills transfer to every day life. They distinguish the educated person from the uneducated." --From The Real-Hands on Learning by Cheryl Lowe

**and found on Heidi's blog

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