Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Jack's birthday party: Lake fun!!

For Jack's 11th birthday party, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and our neighbor came to the lake house. There was lots of food, swimming, riding the boat and the new jet ski, skiing, and tubing. I think fun was had by all!

These two little girl cousins are peas in a pod. They stick together at all times!

This was the easiest party ever for me. Andy grilled burgers and hot dogs. Mom and Mimi brought chips and fruit. Drinks were outside in the cooler. All I had to do was make the cake and whip up some home made ice cream. Fun!

Andy and I always enjoy making the birthday cakes for the kids! This lake themed cake was fun!

So fun and exciting. Will he be too cool for this in a few years??

I hope not!

Nice, hon.

Jack and family had a great day. Now the countdown begins until Josh's birthday party...17 days to go!

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