Friday, August 05, 2011

Curriulum Choices for 2011-2012

I am excited for the school year. The beginning of the school year always feels so full of hope and adventure. This year is no different. SO, so thrilled with our choice to use the hybrid school for 2 days of learning, and homeschool the other three!! Here's what we will be learning together:

Jackson, 5th grade
History/Literature/Geography/Bible- Sonlight, Core E (American History, part 2)
Science- Christian Kids Explore Chemistry & nature journaling
Math- Horizons 5, Kumon multiplication and division drill books
Grammar/Writing- BJU Press English 5 & Institute for Excellence in Writing & journals
Spelling- Abeka 5
Memory work- Bible verses through Sonlight, Poetry from here, hymns and songs with Sonlight
Foreign Language- English from the Roots Up, Vol. 1
Art- art class at school (the basics of art and famous artists), weekly art projects at home
Music- Music Ace and guitar lessons
Logic- Mind Benders A2
Drawing- Draw and Write Through History, vol. 5 & 6
Devotion- ?

Joshua, 3rd grade
Same as Jackson except Math, Spelling, and Grammar will be grade level 3

Lydie, kindergarten
Math- Horizons K
Read alouds- nursery rhymes, fairy tales, and list from Honey for a Child's Heart
Phonics/Reading- Horizons K and Bob books
Bible- Big Truths for Little Hearts/My ABC Bible Verses/Child's Story Bible
Science and Art- my home-made units (weather, flowers, pilgrims, space, etc.)
Fine Motor- Hand warm-ups w/beads, lacing, tweezers, blocks, tying shoes, etc.
Gross Motor- gymnastics, ballet, bike riding, playing
Music- Wee Sing Bible and Nursery Rhyme songs
Art- art projects with boys, art projects with unit studies
Extra- Bake and read activity from Five in a Row

All the books are ordered and on the way or here. The school room is almost ready. Can't wait!!
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Collette said...

Hi - stopping over from the hop! Thank you for your comment on my blog :) Looks like you have a wonderful year lined up - I esp. love all your K activities (so much fun!)


Lindsay said...

Looks like a great plan for next year! We are starting our first year this year and I am super excited!

S said...

Looks great! It is our first year this year and I am also using Sonlight (Core D+E). Best of luck!!

Stopping over from the Not Back-to-school Hop.

Tiff said...

I am simultaneously excited and freaking out'

Tiff said...

I am both excited and freaked out for this year!

Ticia said...

I've never heard of honey for a child's heart. I'll have to check that out.