Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Yesterday: A close-to-perfect day

Yesterday I was snowed in with my fun-loving husband and three very excited children. My favorite part of the day was laughing until I hurt over my husband's invention:

"Penguin suits" aka garbage bags over clothes

The garbage bags kept prompting me to quote, "You might be a redneck if..."
I loved watching the children enjoy the thrill of the sled, and then enjoying it myself
And when our feet were as numb as we could endure, coming inside to enjoy warm drinks, warm fire, Legos, board games and good books. And each other, of course.

I conquered the mighty heap of eight loads of laundry, including weekend wear. It was a chore, but I am so thankful for the tasks of taking care of my family.
Later, the kids took three hour naps (which meant a very quiet afternoon), in preparation...
For a late night of cheering on the Auburn Tigers who won the National Championship!

What a WONDERFUL day!


Jackie said...

What fun! There is pure joy in these pictures!

maryanne said...

FUN! I wish we lived closer and could sled together. Although, it is fun being snowed in alone as families. To find the cohesion and fun in being only US.

Yes, Andy is most certainly a redneck with that get-up!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE the penguin suits! You are getting more snow than we are these days!