Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting ready

We are preparing to put our house back on the market this weekend. We have taken a 2 month sabbatical to regroup and get an agent. We have invested a decent amount of money in landscaping, carpet cleaning, and upgrades in the kitchen. I hope it will make a difference! Isn't it a shame that we get our houses just to their full potential and then move? I feel like I can say this without bragging because at this point I look at my house as a potential buyer's and not my own. So...I love my kitchen more than ever.
The granite counter tops are really nice. And the sink is huge. I love a big sink. Why is there always a divider in the middle? I can put a casserole dish and my colander in the sink side-by-side with room to spare. Love that. Normally if I need to soak a casserole in soap overnight, I have to fill it up and put it on the stove top. Not practical! And what about these new faucets? Ours is fun. It's like a little shower. With all this fanciness, the most breathtaking thing in the kitchen (in my opinion) is still the vase of flowers. Oh well.

And a few more lovelies that I have picked up over the last few weeks for the kitchen:
I have quirky decorating taste. I mix all kinds of colors and shapes together in a somewhat random order. In fact, our entire house is a little quirky and unique. But, I hope her simple charm will rope some sweet family into wanting to live here!!

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maryanne helms said...

I hope it doesn't! I hope nobody ever wants to buy it:). Of course, I am kidding. I pray for your house situation often. That it will sell and you can begin your new and exciting adventure!