Monday, January 10, 2011

January Reflections (3): Store bought vs. Home-made (or hand-made)

January Reflections prompt:

Store bought vs. Hand-made

(The assignment was really store bought vs. home-made and I am sure it was speaking of food, but I chose to think in terms of house goods instead.)

I truly love home-made things. I enjoy making them, as well as buying them. I was thrilled to discover several years ago for this reason. There is a sweetness in knowing who made something and why, and supporting others in their talent. I loved my husband's gift to me for Christmas because it shows just how well he knows me. He bought me a gift card to the antique market. Not just any antique market, but my favorite one that sells both antiques, home-made (hand-made, really) goods, and art from local artists.

I enjoy my own home-made things because if I make it myself, there is a special memory attached, usually. Sometimes that memory is as simple as a night that I spent all alone with my pent-up imagination.
And other times, there is deeper meaning. Like a painting that was therapeutic for me. In some seasons our budget necessitates home-made gifts, like last Christmas. And sometimes I relish the opportunities to make a cake or an outfit for one of my children's birthdays. They love those simple, hand-made gestures.Here are a few things that I bought that were made by others this past year. A local artist's painting, a local artist's metal work, my friend's bird watercolor, and a needlepoint chair made my a relative of my husband.
I think every room in our house is decorated with several home-made items. My husband prefers it that way. And I enjoy the challenge of making or finding rare beauties. I still have a weakness for certain stores. I just bought this picture from Pier One on Sunday with some Christmas money, and I although I LOVE it, I doubt it will be something I treasure for years to come. When my friends ask for decorating advice, I find it hard to give. I honestly have no idea how to decorate on a fat budget. My gifts lie in finding a treasure at the flea market and making it work in our house. Give me thousands of dollars and it stifles me. But a $100 budget holds endless possibilities!!


Bloom Where You Are Planted said...

You inspire me! One of my deepest desires is to be more creative...I love seeing all your ideas.

I look around our house and see empty walls just longing to be a spot for something lovely and special, yet I lack the inspiration.

I used to love going to your house and feel right at home there. I would then go back to my white, empty walls and attampt to think of something to fill them.

You have such a gift with that.

maryanne helms said...

I LOVE that first painting, of the cottage with the thatched roof. The colors are perfect for your home, and its warmer tones. And that Pier 1 print is really cute! That is a treasure! I agree with the budget comment. I find that I do so much better with littler money, than more. I search harder and with more imagination that way.