Thursday, January 13, 2011

January Reflections (4): Fun

January Reflections prompt from Corrin's blog asks:
What have you done for fun this year? When was the last time you played? Do you need to add fun into your plans for 2011?
Very Favorite moment: Late night dancing on the cruise with Andy, my brother, and sister-in-law
SO.MUCH.FUN.Taking the kids to the Auburn/ LSU game: all-day-long-fun-fest
Long weekend in the North Carolina mountains

Road trips! Kids' birthday parties Reading the Harry Potter series with Jack

14th Anniversary: Fox Theatre: The Sound of Music Peaceful beach trip with extended family
Summer bucket list

Girls-only weekends

Field trips Dinners at our house with friends Drawing and art lessons with the kids

Creative outletsSo thankful for the look back! 2010 really was packed with FUN and I hope 2011 will be, too!

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maryanne helms said...

A goal of mine is to have MORE fun this year! In any way that I can. These snow days have been really good in helping me attain this goal!