Thursday, July 08, 2010

To the top

We decided at 6:00 the other night to climb the ~little~ mountain in an adjoining town. (Andy says in the northwest it would be called a "hill".) It was a fairly steep 2-mile hike up and then 2 miles back down. When we arrived we had an hour and fifteen minutes before the park closed at 8:00. We were really excited that we made it in time. But we didn't enjoy feeling rushed.

Truthfully, I did NOT enjoy hiking at the end of the day. It was hard! After a day of being busy around the house and with the kids, I realized it was just not the fun I had imagined. But I think it would be a great, quick hike, and just the right amount of challenge for our kids if done at the right time of day before we are all tired.
The scenery was wonderful!
"The soft blue sky did never melt
Into his heart; he never felt
The witchery of the soft blue sky!"

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