Monday, July 19, 2010

Lazy week

We had the most relaxing, wonderful week with my Mom last week. She left my Dad with Lein Cuisines and snuck over to our house for a fun week. She treated us to lots of meals and good times. We talked so much that I was worn out at night. She even talked to me over the hair dryer in the mornings. I love her so much! We had big fun. I was lazy, big time. And the boys were thrilled to give up their room to her and camp out on the pull-out sofa with Lydie all week.
This week is another story. While the kids are at VBS and ballet camp, I have to play catch-up. (I wrote a to-do list with what looks to be about 50 things to do this week, not including getting my lesson plans ready for school!) It's time to get out of summer mode and gear up for fall! But at the same time, there's still a few weeks to finish up the bucket list! This may very well be the best summer EVER!

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