Thursday, July 01, 2010

The half way mark

I realized this week that today is the half-way mark of 2010. Since lists are a great form of accountability for me, I thought I would take the chance to see if I am on course with any of my 10 "new year's resolutions".

1. Be a good steward of my body
~Get up early and exercise
~Healthy eating
::more water, regular vitamins, healthy eating on and off, not so much regular exercise

2. Rely on God's word and prayer first thing
::mostly happy with this area (but always thirsting for more)

3. Mentor and be mentored
::need to call my mentor and the girl I mentor ASAP!

4. Spend more time alone with Andy
::Planning a date on Friday!!

5. Spend more time outside
::Yes!! And it's great!

6. Continue homeschool curriculum (more science, plan ahead, flexible)
::I think we did 100% better with science in 2010. I am excited about a new year!

7. Continue with artistic outlets
::Yes! Love this time alone. I was very encouraged by the kids comments about this area of my life. Enforced what I thought which is that motherhood is enhanced when I glorify God by using my gifts and talents outside the home, as well as in the home.

8. Spend regular time with friends and alone.
::A little more. Joined the book club, which I love.

9. Read daily
::Yes! I'm on my 18th book read in 2010. This is a record for me since becoming a Mom. I am REALLY enjoying fiction.

10. Host more people in our home.
::Yes! We have opened our home more to family and friends and it fills like we are using our gifts more, which is so fulfilling.

There. That wasn't too painful. The long and short of it is:
~Take better care of my body. (Is there an echo?)
~Call mentor and mentoree.
~Stay the course.
"And what I must learn is to love with all of me, giving all of me, and yet remaining whole in myself. Any other kind of love is too demanding of the other; it takes rather than gives...To love wholly, generously, and yet retain the core that makes you you."
~Madeliene L'Engle

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